Revolutionary New Proven Email Adaptation Combats Spear Phishing’s Toxic Trickle

Revolutionary New Proven Email Adaptation Combats Spear Phishing’s Toxic Trickle

 A new Email Addition, that can be deployed by Security Organizations, Webmail and/or Email Client Providers, revolutionizes the email user experience, speeds email review, and provides protection from spam and spear phishing.

Cyber Thieves are defeating end-point defenses such as spam filters, bad urls, “detonators”, and forensics.

The new email modification fights direct and indirect spoofs and enables rapid, large-scale deployment of services that visually identify legitimate messages.  This protects users and enterprises from frequent and costly phishing and spear phishing attacks.

This adaptation will bring many more business, mobile and home accounts to Email Service Providers and increase their revenue from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars annually, while protecting their users and advertisers.

For advertisers, the new platform creates a third revenue stream comparable in size to search and display advertising.

Coalesce Corporation announced the adaptation and is seeking an acquirer for the company that developed the technology

For details, please contact Courtney Anderson at W 415-384-3040, Mobile 415-299-0045 or

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